The joy of smoking cigars is a pleasure enjoyed by all 5 senses. Each of them complements one another to release the nuances of the cigar’s story; its land of origin, the cares received by the leaves and its artful making and conservation.

The sight is the most immediate sense, the one that tells the brain and the heart if we are attracted to something and guide us in the selection process. Its size and the wrapper’s appearance and colour are part of its presentation card. The eyes detect clues about the type of cigar we are about to taste. It can also reveal subtleties which represent a nice surprise once we light it up. Although not decisive, the colour and the shine of the wrapper can undercover details about its fermentation time and probable taste concentration.

Once our choice is made, the touch will tell us about the physical state of the cigar. When holding it, our fingertips will start appreciating the surface of the wrapper: if it is smooth, dry, wrinkly, greasy or uniform.

Before lighting up, is a good idea to bring the cigar closer to our ears and gently press it. By doing this, we will discover its firmness and level of humidity. If it cracks it could mean that is dry or that it has not been stored properly.

Next step is the smell before and after lighting the cigar. Before is the time to appreciate the scent of the tobacco contained both in the wrapper and the filler, which should release its aroma, either smooth or intense. Notes of aromatic herbs and spices add personality, like KOLUMBUS’s K-Negro Piramide.

After lighting up and when the heat is well distributed is when the symphony of aromas shine. Sweet, savour, spicy, floral… the combinations can be as many as the memories they bring back.

The zenith is reached with the taste, once the other senses have already pointed us towards a direction which this sense will confirm. Take your time to appreciate all the notes and nuances of the blend, which intensifies as the heat increases.

Like a good trip, the road you travel will have its dose of harmony, adventure and pleasure. The most important thing is to enjoy each stage and let the senses speak.