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How to light a premium cigar

Let’s picture, for just a second, that moment of the day when free from all obligations we are about to take a seat in our favourite sofa, ready to indulge a long afternoon in company of our bedside book and one of our best-loved cigars. Before immersing completely into its flavours and aromas, first we […]

How to savour a cigar

In theory, it sounds like a simple question to answer. However, to capture the essence of a cigar and the sensations and pleasure that generates we need to look into the way it acts in two of our senses: smell and taste. Before developing this further, we have to bear in mind that each of […]

Cigars and drinks pairing

Associated with moments of pleasure in company of friends and family, there is nothing better than enjoying a cigar with a drink that complements its strengths and qualities. The possible combinations are endless and, as always, the time of day, personal pleasures and taste will condition our choices. The most important thing is to achieve […]

A journey through the senses

The joy of smoking cigars is a pleasure enjoyed by all 5 senses. Each of them complements one another to release the nuances of the cigar’s story; its land of origin, the cares received by the leaves and its artful making and conservation. The sight is the most immediate sense, the one that tells the […]

The best cigar in the world

Every palate is a world of its own. And every moment is unique. For this reason, trying to establish a rank of something completely subjective is a chimera. From the wide range of available cigars, every single one of them becomes memorable because it provides us companionship in all situations. Therefore, we could say that the […]