Every palate is a world of its own. And every moment is unique. For this reason, trying to establish a rank of something completely subjective is a chimera. From the wide range of available cigars, every single one of them becomes memorable because it provides us companionship in all situations. Therefore, we could say that the best cigar in the world is the one indulging us at all times.

There are big, medium and small-sized cigars; intense and smooth; some require more dedication and others can be consumed in a shorter time. However, what makes a cigar the best is the instant per se, its association with a joyful moment like a life celebration which will become part of our photo album.

To educate and refine our palate is advisable to be adventurous and try different kinds of cigars. The climate, the techniques employed, the ageing system or different parts of the process like the drying or fermentation of the leaves create nuances which round the cigar’s personality, no matter if it is Cuban, Dominican or Honduran.

The cigar from La Palma, for instance, has several attributes endorsed by centuries of tradition. A privileged weather and environment, the careful selection of the best raw materials, a handcraft process which takes extra care in every detail, and the expert hands of those who know their job inside out. The combination of all these create, as a result, a cigar with enough personality to accompany us every moment of the day.