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How to light a premium cigar

Let’s picture, for just a second, that moment of the day when free from all obligations we are about to take a seat in our favourite sofa, ready to indulge a long afternoon in company of our bedside book and one of our best-loved cigars. Before immersing completely into its flavours and aromas, first we […]

Blending Tobacco, an Art Mastered by the Canarians

Well-known for being great travellers and intrepid adventurers, the Canarians are aware that the mixture holds the secret for a unique product. After manufacturing tobacco for three hundred years, the islanders have mastered the art of selecting the most adequate raw materials. And this skill is, precisely, the one which has positioned the cigars from […]

The seed of pleasure

Breña, Connecticut, Havana, Santo Domingo, Brazil, Nicaragua or Indonesia are names of cities and countries but also different kinds of tobacco. Each of these places has unique weather conditions and crop systems which influence the personality of the tobacco which grows in these lands. In fact, the plants employed by KOLUMBUS in the filler of […]

The importance of time

Patience is a virtud which rewards those who know how to wait. In the cigar world, two processes exemplify this perseverance and have time as a close ally: fermentation and ageing. The first of these stages is the fermentation of tobacco leaves. Once they have been collected and selected for each of the parts which […]

Anatomy of the cigar

To make the most of the smoking ritual, it is important to understand all the parts that form the cigar. Built from inside out, each separate layer delivers its savory blend, aroma and distinctive notes. The way all the different parts combine is an artful skill, as they are responsible of delivering the subtleties found […]

The flavors of the cigar

Flavor is the result of combining a series of factors which define the cigar’s character and add nuances to round its personality. The plant is influenced by the place where it grows as the roots absorb sweet, bitter or salty tones from the surrounding environments. Besides, the final taste will have a stronger or smoother […]

Christoph Kolumbus, more than an admiral

An exceptional product is forged in the journey which leads to a great adventure. The history of KOLUMBUS is closely linked to the trips overseas and the perseverance of a man to discover new routes which would facilitate obtaining spices from the Far East. The capture of Constantinople by the Ottomans in 1453 brought a […]

The 10 Commandments of Cigars

Like travelling back to the time when Moses was given the stone with the Ten Commandments, when we talk about the rituals associated with cigars there is an etiquette which should prevail amongst aficionados. If we follow this Decalogue, indulgence will be 100% assured. Love your cigar above all things. We live in a world […]

How to savour a cigar

In theory, it sounds like a simple question to answer. However, to capture the essence of a cigar and the sensations and pleasure that generates we need to look into the way it acts in two of our senses: smell and taste. Before developing this further, we have to bear in mind that each of […]

La Palma, land of cigars

It is not by chance that La Palma is known as La Isla Bonita. Its 708.32 km² were declared a Biosphere Reserve in 2002 and its geographical position, five degrees from the Tropic of Cancer and 445 km from the African coast, bless the island with an average annual temperature of 20ºC. The capital is Santa Cruz […]

The colours of the wrapper

Not long ago, we talked about the senses that intervene when enjoying a cigar, being the sight the one which spots the wrapper’s appearance. This layer acts as a fancy jacket that dresses the binder. It is also responsible for the cigar’s presence and personality, accentuated by the use of a high quality leaf which […]

Cigars and drinks pairing

Associated with moments of pleasure in company of friends and family, there is nothing better than enjoying a cigar with a drink that complements its strengths and qualities. The possible combinations are endless and, as always, the time of day, personal pleasures and taste will condition our choices. The most important thing is to achieve […]

Ladies as well

It is time to leave clichés behind. Some stereotypes do not show the diverse profile of cigar consumers. One of these are women, who are not oblivious to life’s most satisfactory pleasure which of course includes the seductive art of cigars. Women have their own place in cigar history. In the Detroit of the 1920s, […]

A journey through the senses

The joy of smoking cigars is a pleasure enjoyed by all 5 senses. Each of them complements one another to release the nuances of the cigar’s story; its land of origin, the cares received by the leaves and its artful making and conservation. The sight is the most immediate sense, the one that tells the […]

The humidor, storing cigars properly

The humidor is the essential ally in preserving and emphasizing the cigar’s qualities. For this reason, it is a key element to understand how a correct storage contributes to a pleasant enjoyment and how a bad one can provoke irreversible damage on the cigar’s texture and flavour. The most important part of the humidor and […]

The best cigar in the world

Every palate is a world of its own. And every moment is unique. For this reason, trying to establish a rank of something completely subjective is a chimera. From the wide range of available cigars, every single one of them becomes memorable because it provides us companionship in all situations. Therefore, we could say that the […]

Lasioderma serricorne, a constant threat

Now that summer is here, we must protect our cigars from a tiny but uncomfortable enemy: Lasioderma serricorne. Also called the tobacco beetle, it appears when storage temperatures exceed 20°C. Although hibernates as larvae, in favorable weather conditions it can develop throughout the year. It is therefore very important that our humidor (or store) has […]

The cigar from La Palma

The cigar from La Palma is a recipient of centuries of experience and know-how in cultivation, drying and hand rolling, intangible values which are transported to the palate of those savoring it. Currently, traditional methods preserved for generations still remain on the Canary Island of La Palma and certainly is a reason for these cigars […]

False beliefs

Demystifying certain habits that do not correspond with reality is crucial to savor every nuance present in a good cigar. To avoid spoiling both their conservation and subsequent tasting, there are widespread false beliefs among smokers which are important to note as incorrect. One of the most common mistakes is to preserve cigars in the […]

Famous cigar smokers

Throughout history, many cigar lovers have been characterized by excelling in different sectors of society, sharing moments of triumph and relaxation with elegance, charm and pleasure of the senses: from Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, to the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who celebrated victories in the battlefield with a cigar between his fingers. The neurologist Sigmund […]

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