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The 10 Commandments of Cigars

Like travelling back to the time when Moses was given the stone with the Ten Commandments, when we talk about the rituals associated with cigars there is an etiquette which should prevail amongst aficionados. If we follow this Decalogue, indulgence will be 100% assured. Love your cigar above all things. We live in a world […]

Lasioderma serricorne, a constant threat

Now that summer is here, we must protect our cigars from a tiny but uncomfortable enemy: Lasioderma serricorne. Also called the tobacco beetle, it appears when storage temperatures exceed 20°C. Although hibernates as larvae, in favorable weather conditions it can develop throughout the year. It is therefore very important that our humidor (or store) has […]

False beliefs

Demystifying certain habits that do not correspond with reality is crucial to savor every nuance present in a good cigar. To avoid spoiling both their conservation and subsequent tasting, there are widespread false beliefs among smokers which are important to note as incorrect. One of the most common mistakes is to preserve cigars in the […]